What is finger swipe art

- Your finger is the brush, the special chalk is the paint -


With the help of uniquely designed drawing templates, special chalk and the finger-sweeping technique you can paint the most beautiful drawings with ease.

The combination of working with a damp / drier finger and wiping from hard to soft over the mold creates a shadow effect in the drawing.

And no fixation is required, the drawing is dry at the same time!

- This is the Finger Sweeping Technique -

The technique can be applied to various options and materials. See the website under "more info".

You can make beautiful cards, bookmarks, paintings or make wooden boxes with it.

You can apply 3D technique by making the drawings again, cutting out and pasting them with 3D tape.

It is possible on different materials, even on fabric / canvas bags. Entire placemats, on plates and cups, bullet journals, you have so many options to apply the finger-sweeping technique.

In addition to the fairs, we also do the workshops in the nursing homes and rehabilitation centers and day activities for a special price.

A workshop lasts about an hour where each participant receives a complete package with a self-made card and envelope.

Inquire via infotancart@gmail.com

The finger sweeping technique is easy to apply and gives a nice result quickly!

Being creative with your mind in these difficult & lonely times makes people very happy!